Technology and innovations are shaping the future influencing our culture, economy, politics and living standard. Materials play a pivotal role in advances in technologies and innovative processes to develop products that help improve our human life.

Our technology business unit, track emerging and novel material technologies that show prospects to address future challenges based on the market trends today including energy efficiency, sustainability, performance and cost effective alternatives.

Our material technology areas of focus:
• Lightweight material technology
• Energy storage material technology
• Clean and sustainable material technology
• Smart material technology
• Performance material technology

The team conduct systematic research and analysis on a regular basis in order to keep abreast on the recent developments and activities and its impact across the industries where material technologies play a pivotal role. Our methodology was developed and structured in a manner that the dynamics of the industry is captured from a 360 degree perspective. This will hence take into consideration, the viewpoints of different stakeholder across the value chain and the structure that will affect the industry growth in the future.

Our expertise help serve our clients in conducting market research, techno economic feasibility analysis, due diligence, competitive analysis, road mapping, market entry strategy, and technology partnership search. Our expert team and network is well positioned to cater to global requirements and our research team brings in top quality experience and knowledge to serve our clients with utmost satisfaction.

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