Global packaging market is primary driven by changing customer and consumer needs for convenient, smart, greener and sustainable packaging solutions. We track product innovations, new product launches, process innovations and technology development, breakthrough design concepts (primary/secondary packaging) across a wide range of application sectors including food and pharma, healthcare, personal care and electronics. Our 360 degree approach validates our secondary and primary research data for further analysis of the industry and its growth prospects.

Packaging begins with the material types used for different application needs and a variety of end markets. The materials used are mostly made of variety of plastic resins, non-woven, natural and organic materials. Some of the key application markets we cover under packaging are:

• Pharmaceutical
• Food & Beverage (FMCG)
• Personal Care/Beauty
• Healthcare
• Electronics

Developed countries are the largest users of packaging products. However, emerging economies such as India, China, Brazil, Russia and a few other East European countries are experiencing good growth which in turn is the prominent growth propelling factor for the Global packaging industry.

Packaging encompasses: packaging materials (glass, paper & board, plastics, metal, wood, biopolymers etc.), packaging equipments, packaging technology, labels & tags and allied packaging (caps & closures, packaging additives etc.)

We help clients globally with our services related to strategic market research/market feasibility analysis, market entry strategy, competitive analysis, partner search, customer interest evaluation etc. Our experienced team has the required knowledge and experience to address the client’s evolving needs with satisfaction.

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