Giract – New Multiclient Study – Global Patterns of Starch Demand in Food 2018

For nearly half a century, native and modified starches have seen sustained growth in both food and non-food. Food use of starch is a complex scenario, considering the number of options that food manufacturers have now been provided by starch suppliers. Native starches are a plain vanilla structural element of food matrices, with modified starches having specific functionalities. In the USA hydroxypropyl waxy starch (etherified) is more popular whereas acetylated waxy starch (esterified) is more popular in Europe. This leads to some visible price differences between the two main regions. In addition, the current trend of reducing E numbers has led to the demand for “natural” and “clean label” starches, of the type represented by the Novation range from Ingredion, for example.

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Global Patterns of Starch Demand in Food 2018

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