F1rst brings ingredient and food industry executives together to the same table with highly focused networking events. We arrange Conferences and Seminars for top management, Tabletop Exhibits & innovation days for suppliers of ingredients to enable focused interaction with end-users, PhD student promotion programmes & nutrischolars awards for students.


We brings together members of leading companies in the Food Ingredients Industry across many sectors for high-level symposia, discussions and contacts. Thus, we organise exclusive networking conferences:

  • Starch Forum
  • Processed Indian Traditional Foods

1. Starch Forum

An exclusive networking conference to discuss various applications of starch and starch derivatives, unmet and future needs of starch users and plans to improve the existing scenario in India. GIRACT has successfully hosted 7 Starch Forums, one of its only kind in India. GIRACT India is now F1rst. Continuing the legacy, F1rst takes pride in organizing the annual starch forum.

2. Processed Indian Traditional Foods

F1rst takes pride in announcing the first ever international conference of this kind in India. The conference is designed to focus on the entire value chain of the traditional processed Indian foods industry and a networking opportunity to discuss various aspects of it; and plans to improve the existing scenario in India. The first edition of the conference was completed successfully on September, 16 2016 in New Delhi, India.


Table-Top Exhibits are designed to provide the most convenient and cost-effective interaction between the participants and the exhibitors (suppliers of ingredients, processes, and packaging). This event helps:

  • To provide the opportunity to interact with key processors in the region for ingredients, processes, and packaging
  • To encourage the participation of key processors
  • To educate processors on new product possibilities


PhD Student Promotion Programme

We conduct this special programme exclusively for research/PhD students. PhD students proposing to conduct or currently conducting relevant research in food science including processing, technology, legislation and characterisation are eligible to participate in the programme. The unique aspect of the programme is that it encourages interdisciplinary research, thus encouraging revolutionary and innovative findings.

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