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F1rst publish this newsletter on the trends that we observe in the vast & rapidly growing Indian food and food ingredient market. We at F1rst, track the food and food ingredient markets in India on a continuous basis, and we will continue to share our observations of this exciting market once a month for you.

We at F1rst continue to track food and food ingredient market trends in South Asia and provide ingredient and food producers with top-class market research. Indian ingredient markets covered by us recently include those of protein ingredients, starches and sweeteners, fibres, oils & fats, polyols, savory ingredients, and many others. In short, we at F1rst are striving hard to help you understand the ingredient market trends in India through detailed strategic and operational market reviews and help you with innovative ideas on various ingredient applications through our Table-top Exhibitions.

We will keep in touch with you with useful and exciting information about the Indian food and food ingredient markets as above. Please contact us at or and we will be happy to speak to you about how we can help you with your ingredient market and application strategy.

GiTEx – Roquette University Seminar on Savory solutions in India garnered
overwhelming response from Indian Savory Industry

The Indian savory industry is growing exponentially, along with the evolving Indian consumer interests around health, taste and convenience. With the increasing disposable income and rising working population, the Indian consumers are looking for interesting and convenient products such as soups, dips, sauces, spreads and gravies which can become an inherent part of their wholesome food-eating experience. The penetration and overall acceptance of non-Indian cuisines in India is also a welcoming sign for the savory industry that is responding with new and innovative products being formulated with some influence from Western, Asian, Indo-Western as well as localised flavors (suitable to regional palates). At the same time, the industry is also paying some attention to address the slowly picking-up health trend in India (a trend which is at the top of the charts in Europe, for example), by formulating savory products which are low in fat and salt, for instance.

The new products development require appropriate ingredients which can deliver apt technical properties perfectly meeting the product requirement in terms of texture, consistency and mouth feel. The use of modified starches in savoury products is quite popular in developed countries such as Europe & USA, however, in India the awareness level on their versatile properties and applications is lower. “As a renowned market research & consultancy company, F1rst, which is a business associate of Giract, regularly organizes GiTEx (Giract Table-top) technical & product display conferences, providing a platform for information sharing between the food ingredient suppliers and food & beverage processors, notified Mr Badrinath Raghvendran, Director of F1rst.

F1rst was proud to collaborate with one of the global leaders in starches, Roquette, who sponsored the technical seminar with a focus on educating the industry stakeholders about ways to reinforce their expertise in texturing solutions for soups, sauces, dips and spreads. The seminar was held at the Royal Plaza hotel, Delhi on 30th November, 2018. The seminar invited Indian savory industry stakeholders, mostly the product development food scientists & chefs from the food service industry, in and around the city. The event commenced with an introduction to Roquette’s global capabilities and strengths by Mr Clifford Pinto, GM, Food GBU, IMEA, Roquette. His presentation was bolstered with a well-structured video on an overview of Roquette’s vision as a global and responsible food ingredient solutions provider. “The fact that Roquette focuses on vertical integration allows it to follow some of the best practices in raw material procurement, which forms the basis of its sustainable business model and also gives it the liberty to do constant value-addition across the value chain to come out with innovative and healthy speciality ingredient solutions”, reiterated Mr Pinto. Mr Pinto was well supported by Ms Catherine Le Bihan, Global Technical Application Manager – Roquette, who spoke about consumer/product trends across global savory industry and the evolving Indian savory space. This presentation was followed with another informative session by Ms. Edith Dubal, CTS Team leader – Roquette, on Roquette’s portfolio of modified starches and their roles in different types of savory products with varying requirements of texture & other sensory/organoleptic features. The session was an eye opener to a lot of attendees who were unaware of the versatility of issues which modified starches can address in sauces, soups, dips & spreads, in product formulations.

The set of presentations in first half of the day was followed with a very well organized product/ingredient display session, which covered all four savory categories, namely soups, sauces, dips/dressings & spreads. Each kiosk was well managed by technical & sales representatives from Roquette to explain their starches’ properties with the help of brochures & market samples, at the same time addressing the queries of attendees. In short, the display session was an effective mode for a closer interaction between Roquette & the industry stakeholders.

The lunch break was made interesting with the addition of a soup with Roquette’s starch/es in the lunch menu. The sumptuous meal followed a crisp presentation by Mr. Rohit Salgaonkar, CTS Scientist – Roquette, who threw more light on the Roquette’s starch solutions for the Indian savory industry and ways it can help adding value to the industry products by helping them with the top-notch application support in developing innovative savory products. The seminar day was well rounded off in the end with an engaging panel discussion where the complete Roquette team addressed attendees’ questions related to the technical, commercial, application and legal aspects of Roquette’s starch solutions, for the Indian savory market and the breadth of opportunities these offer.

The seminar was a success as was interpreted from the feedback received from the attendees. F1rst along with Roquette University would make more such future attempts to organize such informative technical seminars for the benefit of the Indian food industry. A fact-book with a collection of the day’s proceedings is being shared with you all as an attachment.

F1rst is a business associate of Giract (Switzerland), focusing on business research and consultancy on emerging technologies. Giract was formed in 1989. Its core expertise include consultancy around Ingredients for Food and Pharmaceuticals industries, NextGen Chemicals & Advanced Materials and Associated technologies from Automotive, Chemicals, Packaging, Process, Medical & Pharma, and Industrial sectors. It provides industry analysis, consulting and strategy advisory, globally in developed and evolving markets. More information is available at, and

Roquette is a global leader in plant-based ingredients and a pioneer of new vegetal proteins. In collaboration with its customers and partners, the Group addresses current and future societal challenges by unlocking the potential of Nature to offer the best ingredients for Food, Nutrition and Health markets. Roquette currently operates in over 100 countries, has a turnover of around 3.3 billion euros and employs 8,400 people worldwide. More information is available at

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