F1rst is a specialist business research & consultancy organization specializing in food ingredients, additives and related fine chemicals and technologies. We have expert consultants for ingredients and demand sectors located in India and around the globe to provide in-depth understanding of the widely differing food cultures and ingredient solutions in India and around the world.

We believe our impartiality and ability to ask questions across the competitive playing field gives us the leading edge in supplementing the client’s in-house knowledge base. As a part of each assignment, we offer a presentation of the results and interpretation of the strategic implications to the client(s).

F1rst Team

Dr. V. Krishnakumar: B.Tech (Chem), MBA, Dipl. Computer Science, PhD (Management Science). Krishna had long management experience in India before starting out as with the Geneva based food ingredient consultancy, Giract. F1rst is a business associate of Giract. His early work experience was in consumer marketing at GlaxoSmithKline in Delhi. Krishna has published many articles on food ingredients and has addressed various International Conferences. With a vast experience in international food and food ingredient markets, trends and opportunities, he has managed numerous strategic and operational projects across almost all ingredient sectors. He has initiated landmark studies on Starches, Polyols, Wheat Gluten, Hydrocolloids, Savory Flavors, Minerals, Antioxidants and Emulsifiers.

Mr. Badrinath Raghavendran: After two interesting assignments in the USA, first as a Food & Beverage Research Analyst with Lehman Brothers and later as a cost analyst with Xerox Corporation, Badri returned to India and represents global consulting firms in this fast-growing market. His assignments have included in-depth analyses of key ingredient sectors such as starch, oil, savory and dairy. He has an in-depth understanding of the Indian beverage markets.

Dr. Kaushik Ramakrishnan Shankar: Masters in Biochemistry, PhD in Food Biotechnology. Kaushik is a Food and Beverage ingredient industry expert with more than 7 years of market research and consulting experience. He has managed projects covering global market research for emulsifiers, starches, sweeteners, preservatives, extracts, polyols, proteins and many other functional ingredients. He has been specializing in the Indian food and beverage ingredient industry since 2012.

Mr. V. Aravind Chander: B.Tech (Chem), MS (By Research), MBA (Technology Management). Over a decade of research & consulting expertise, driving projects that involve various types of Industry Analysis, particularly in Management Strategies (Investment, R&D & technology portfolio), Opportunity Landscaping (Application and technology potential forecasting) and Partnership Search (Competitive benchmarking and potential M&A). He has expertise in R&D in the area of Industrial biotechnology. His experience base covering broad range of food sectors, leveraging long-standing working relationships with leading industry participants ― Food and Biotechnology–Nutrition and Health, Nutraceuticals, Vegetable Oils & Fats and Value-added Fruit Ingredients.

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